• Protect from direct sunlight, heating sources and weather
  • Dust on a regular basis with a clean dry cloth
  • Gently remove all spills immediately with dry clean cloth
  • Do not scrub or rub hard
  • Do not use a damp cloth
  • Do not use shoe polish, saddle soap or unidentified leather cleaners, pastes or abrasives
  • Use proprietary leather cleaners only in strict accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Regularly clean contact areas to avoid build-up of perspiration and body oils
  • Dust before cleaning, if vacuuming use soft attachment
  • We recommend cleaning by specialists using only proprietary leather care products appropriate to leather type
  • Dry in shade away from heat
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Clean as above
  • Professional cleaning may be required for persistent stains

Please Note: Failure to regularly maintain leather may lead to a build-up of perspiration and body oils that may discolour leather



The upholstery should not be exposed for long periods to direct sunlight or heat exposure as this may cause fading and deterioration of the cover material.
It is recommended to give the upholstery a frequent vacuuming on low suction or light brushing.
In the event of spillage it is imperative to act quickly. Carefully soak up any excess liquid, ideally using the edge of a white paper towel, then dab gently with a fresh towel taking care to avoid soaking in or spreading of the remaining liquid.
It is advisable to seek professional help when serious stains occur.