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Regular care (weekly)
– Vacuum regularly using low suction
– Rotate reversible cushions regularly
– Protect from direct sunlight
Fixed Cover Cleaning
Clean with hot-water extraction machine (hot). Professional cleaning recommended. Use only upholstery detergent. Do not wet filling. Dry in shade away from direct heat. Allow to dry thoroughly before re-use; or Shampoo clean using upholstery shampoo. Do not use dishwashing detergent. Do not wet filling. Do not scrub with a stiff brush. Dry in shade away from direct heat. Allow to dry thoroughly before re-use. Washing Instructions (for Slip Wash Covers only) If your covers are too bulky for your machine we recommend professional washing by your local laundry, followed by professional laundry tumble drying on warm setting. Use a gentle cycle and do not wash the fabric at a temperature exceeding 40 degrees. Use a washing agent that does not contain optical brighteners and which is suitable for colour retention such as Earth Choice (3 X Ultra concentrate liquid), or Eco Store Laundry Powder or Omo Colour. Dry cleaning is possible if preferred, but some colour variation may occur if cushions are cleaned separately from the main covers
Do not use washing agents containing any optical brighteners, as this may affect colour, particularly if cushions and main cover are not washed at the same time. Do not mix different colours or fabrics in the wash. Do not squeeze or wring by hand. Do not apply detergent directly to covers when washing.
NOTE: Some minor colour change may occur in the initial washing stages. We recommend laundering or dry cleaning in complete cover sets to ensure there is no colour variation between cushions and main covers
Drying Instructions
Line drying recommended to minimise shrinkage. Do not line dry in direct sunlight as this may accelerate colour loss. Do not tumble dry, unless as part of Professional Laundry Service tumble drying on Cool Setting. Ironing should not be necessary, but if required, iron on the reverse side using a light steam. Spot cleaning Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Gently scrape any soil or mop any liquid from the surface of the fabric. Apply proprietary cleaning agents strictly according to instructions to remove the residue of the spill. Do not saturate the fabric or interior with water or other cleaning liquids. May be spot cleaned with dry cleaning solvent. Annual professional cleaning recommended. Soil resist treatments Apply only water-based soil resist (fabric protector) treatments. Pilling Can occur occasionally as a result of normal daily wear and should not be considered as a fault. Fibre pills can be removed by a battery operated pilling tool available from most haberdashery stores. General Care When arranging your furniture, avoid direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can cause colours to fade in furnishing fabrics. Care should also be taken to avoid furniture touching external walls or radiators, as this could cause problems of moisture build-up/scorching damage. Take care to prevent sharp objects (e.g. children’s sandal buckles, pets’ claws) from coming into contact with your furniture, as this may cause snagging or tearing of the fabric