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  • paris 3 seater sofa black leather
  • paris 3 seater sofa black leather
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Upholstered in full-aniline leather, the Paris leather will take on a patina that gets better and better with age. The top layer is full-grain hide that contains unique natural variations in tone. Full-grain leather has unique markings that are as individual as your fingerprints. Markings can include insect bites, wrinkles, sun spots, and stretch marks that were developed over the course of that animal’s life. Through age and use, this leather will develop a warm sheen known as “patina”. It’s that patina that gives a sofa that comforting, vintage look.

This leather patinas quickly, giving it a beautifully unique finish — but always be aware that every hide, and therefore every sofa, is totally unique, and therefore will look different than the product photo. We recommend The Paris to pet parents or young families. Since it is already perfectly imperfect, any additional scratches from claws, paws, or fingernails simply add to its character


The Paris is constructed from a solid pine & plywood frame. It uses medium density layered block foam on high quality webbing with wired non-sag springs. For added luxury, ethically sourced feathers are included in the top layer of the seat cushions. A full-aniline hide has been carefully dyed so that it retains all the beautiful, natural markings and colour variation that is inherent in the hide. Any time you see one of these two terms, just know it means all the touchable goodness of a leather hide with all the colour variation that goes with it


Samples are not held on the showroom floor these are dispatched direct from the warehouse and will only be brought in if collection is required 


    HEIGHT: 74cm

    LENGTH: 202cm

    DEPTH: 85cm

    SEAT HEIGHT: 42cm


    • Protect from direct sunlight, heating sources and weather
    • Dust on a regular basis with a clean dry cloth
    • Gently remove all spills immediately with dry clean cloth
    • Do not scrub or rub hard
    • Do not use a damp cloth
    • Do not use shoe polish, saddle soap or unidentified leather cleaners, pastes or abrasives
    • Use proprietary leather cleaners only in strict accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
    • Regularly clean contact areas to avoid build-up of perspiration and body oils
    • Dust before cleaning, if vacuuming use soft attachment
    • We recommend cleaning by specialists using only proprietary leather care products appropriate to leather type
    • Dry in shade away from heat
    • Spot Cleaning
    • Clean as above
    • Professional cleaning may be required for persistent stains

    Please Note: Failure to regularly maintain leather may lead to a build-up of perspiration and body oils that may discolour leather



    The upholstery should not be exposed for long periods to direct sunlight or heat exposure as this may cause fading and deterioration of the cover material.
    It is recommended to give the upholstery a frequent vacuuming on low suction or light brushing.
    In the event of spillage it is imperative to act quickly. Carefully soak up any excess liquid, ideally using the edge of a white paper towel, then dab gently with a fresh towel taking care to avoid soaking in or spreading of the remaining liquid.
    It is advisable to seek professional help when serious stains occur.


    Rigorously tested for correct measurements, colour, wood moisture (internals included), load bearing and construction strength. 


    Independently tested by SGS Labs to the highest standard. This includes general colour fastness, seam slippage, colour-fastness to light, abrasion resistance, tear strength, pilling resistance using the Martindale rub test to >40,000  making it suitable for commercial use. Please note testing does not protect against poor maintenance and misuse of your furniture. 


    We try our best to ensure photography depicts colours as accurately as possible. Colours can appear different depending on the type of display you are viewing from, therefore we recommend viewing in person for true colour representation.