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The Lux Barstool offers contemporary stitched styling on solid oak legs. Padded all over with a low back and linear lines the Lux Barstool has feature black bolts just below the base and black metal foot rest to give it a modern edge. Comes with felt stoppers on feet provide protection for polished floors


    HEIGHT: 88cm

    LENGTH: 41cm

    DEPTH: 46cm

    SEAT HEIGHT: 66cm


    The upholstery should not be exposed for long periods to direct sunlight or heat exposure as this may cause fading and deterioration of the cover material.



    It is recommended to give the upholstery a frequent vacuuming on low suction or light brushing.



    In the event of spillage it is imperative to act quickly. Carefully soak up any excess liquid, ideally using the edge of a white paper towel, then dab gently with a fresh towel taking care to avoid soaking in or spreading of the remaining liquid.

    It is advisable to seek professional help when serious stains occur.


    • You wouldn’t drag a log of wood around the house would you? I’m made from solid Oak timber and veneers so please lift me when moving as dragging can damage legs and joints, not to mention your floors
    • Like anything I’ll need a bit of re-tightening from time to time so please check my nuts & bolts at assembly points periodically
    • I can be sensitive to hot and cold items you might place on me so please use coasters and placemats with your cup of tea or frozen Margarita
    • When writing letters and penning memoirs, it is best to use a mat, so not to dent your furniture
    • Give me a regular dust down in the direction of my grain. I love this but probably won’t tell you as I’m furniture and have yet to master the art of conversation
    • Ouch! Please please don’t use any acetone, solvents, bleach or silicone based products on me
    • Keep my good looks and don’t put me in direct sunlight or near direct heat sources eg: radiators, AC Units or open fires
    • Ew don’t put anything damp on me, I’m wood and I will warp